Aseman Gostar-e Delijan

In order to establish a waterproofing plant for insulation production, Izumog Co., Ltd. was established with the aim of establishing an installation of moisture insulation. After this, after the necessary measures on 03/02/1382, I received the principled consensus from the Organization of Industries and Mines of Markazi Province in Delijan city, and after the acquisition of land And machinery and construction and manufacturing of machines began production of a factory start-up and manufactured products ready to be marketed.

The name of the manufacturing unit: Isugom Aseman Gosrtar-e Delijan (Regstry : 533) - Type of activity: Production of various types of moisture and polymeric insulation and production of polyester and nonwovens - Type of ownership: Private - License number Established and Date: 1382/09/03 - Operating License: 102/10821 - Establishment Year: 1382 - Annual Production Rate: 2250000 square meters - Number of Production Personnel: 15 Persons - Number of Personnel: 10 Persons


Aseman Gostar Delijan
Aseman Gostar

Flexible sheet of waterproofing is a plastic BPP-type polymer coating with 60 * 70 bitumen gas refining and Pasargad oil and is highly adhesive. The polyester film is of high quality with a temperature of 120 to above. Fiberglass is 66 threads and aluminum coated.

Aseman Gostar Delijan
Non-Woven Polyester Fiber